Monday, 19 January 2015

The 'Wild West'

The Old West Gallery

The 'Old West Galley'  is a site of numerous 'wild west' themed products. With every thing from Clothing and Native American items to films and replica guns this online market provides access to a sub-culture that is so greatly represented through movie culture, on a era that is so historically important that items from it have ended up incorporated into modern day fashion. The variety of products available emphasis the how big the market is , the selection range included outfits that are designed on type of clothing frontiers men wore to themed contemporary products such as 'sheriff star' wallets and belts an cell phone cases. Additionally the site capitalizes on memorabilia from old wild west tv shows and movies that were so popular in american tv culture, selling photos from TV shows such as 'Bonanza' (1957-1973) show that the stereo typical 'Wild West' products what  what many consumers want rather than genuine products.

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