Monday, 2 February 2015

native americans of Alska

according to this map.
The state with the density population is Alaska. I have one theory as to why this might have originally been, it was so cold there that few colonists had an in settling there so most of it was left to the native population. to this day there are 17 different tribe living in Alaska. the names of the different tribes are the Ahtna tribe, the Aleut tribe, the Aluutiq tribe, the Eyak tribe, the Gwich'in tribe, the Haida tribe, the Han tribe, the Holikachuk tribe, the Ingalik tribe  (Degxit'an), the Inupiaq tribe (Inuit), the Kolchan tribe, the Koyukon tribe, the Tanaina tribe, the Tanana tribe, the Tlingit tribe, the Tsimshian tribe and the Yupik  tribe.

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