Monday, 16 February 2015

Stagecoach 1939

this is the story of nine people two drivers and seven passengers who for mostly separate reasons are traveling together all the way to Lee's Ferry. among the travellers are a alcoholic doctor Doc Boone, Dallas a prostitute who along with Doc Boone is being thrown out of tow by the "Law and Order League", a whisky salesman Samuel Peacock, Ringo Kid who is a fugitive that is being returned to jail in Lee's Ferry, Lucy Mallory who is pregnant and traveling to see her husband who is in the cavalry, a banker Henry Gatewood that has embezzled a large amount of money from the bank works for and Hattfield a southern gentleman and a gambler. to add to all the troubles that they may have individually and with each other there is another problem Geronimo and is Apiachs  are on the warpath with add a layer of dander to the jorny.
I this movie we have the civilised outposts and items of civilisation in the wilderness. the Henry Gatewood's occupation of a banker is a job that could only work in the cilviled world but he partly relays on the markers of civilisation breaking down when he shows up at Lee's Ferry they take him in to custody because the telegraph lines have been fixed and they know what he did. also the fact that when the Indians do attack the fist sing of them is an arrow but after that its only guns used
also at the end when Ringo and Dallas ride off together one of the drivers Curly say to the other "there they go escaping civilisation"

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