Sunday, 8 February 2015

The Outlier

Frederic Remington's The Outlier (1909)

This piece was painted in the same year Frederic Remington died which shows that the man became quite  nostalgic towards the end of his life. Western subjects remained a staple throughout Remington's career however they usually seemed to depict the more 'exciting' scenes of battle between the cavalry and the Indians in a crisp realism. However this piece is painted with loose impressionistic brushstrokes and depicts a solitary figure riding through a nocturnal landscape. It is enriched with nostalgia, by 1909 the wars for U.S. control over Indian territories had been over for twenty years. 

This could be interpreted as perhaps a sense of guilt on Remington's part, he had been there to witness the great decline of these strong indigenous people and one of his last paintings depicts an Indian completely alone. He is referred to as 'The Outlier', something that suggests to us that he is perhaps one of the last ones left, he does not fit the rest of the data. 


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