Sunday, 15 March 2015

the Amish

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This is a sect of Christianity that goes all the way back in 1693. It was founded by Jacob Amman who broke from the church he was following became of three things:  1. He wanted to celebrate Communion twice a year. 2 He wanted to separate himself from nonbelievers. 3 He wanted to continue the humbling tradition of washing people’s feet. And from this came that Amish who are still going strong to this day.
They speak Low German (which is similar to Pennsylvania Dutch), High German for church services and English when talking to outsiders. The Amish believe that most of the trappings of the modern world: electricity, automobiles, television and clothing fashions are distractions and promote pride, envy, vanity, sloth, dishonesty and other undesirable traits. Because if this you will find none of these things in an Amish home. They do not live connected to the grid. but in some instances if something from the modern world is useful and doesn’t draw attention to  itself it may be introduced , an example of this would be nylon rope instead of hemp.
The one thing that I find the most interesting about the Amish is the tradition of Rumspringa which means run around. This tradition refers to when an Amish teen turns 16 he is allowed to go out into the world for 6 months and experience what the modern world has to offer. After this time he / she makes the choice whether or not they want to join the Amish church.

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